Shrewsbury, NJ (February 5, 2016) – Three hundred local students represented The Community YMCA at this year’s annual YMCA Model United Nations Conference held in Hershey, PA  on  January 8-10 and January 15-17.

Students simulated the duties of United Nations Ambassadors by debating resolutions to address issues of international importance, such as global demilitarization, alternative energy, and oppressive government regimes through writing, presenting and debating.

The Community YMCA delegation interacted with almost 2,000 student delegates from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

Jackie Normyle, Teen Development Specialist, who oversees the Y’s program, said “the goal of the Model UN Program is to create informed students who feel empowered to engender change in their local communities and the world at large.”

“I am consistently impressed and humbled by the intelligence, compassion, and dedication of our students. The program attracts students who are proactive and engaged and helps them to see how they can reach their potential and begin to improve the world around them regardless of their age,” added Normyle.

The Community YMCA delegation was represented by the following schools:
Biotechnology High School, Red Bank Catholic, Red Bank Regional High School, Holmdel High School, Middletown High School North, Middletown High School South, Mater Dei School, Wall Intermediate School, Maple Place School, Saint James School, Satz School, Bayshore Middle School, Thompson Middle School, and Thorne Middle School.

Each year student delegates elect the officers that will serve for the coming year.

The Community YMCA delegation was recognized with a number of awards at each of the weekend conferences. High school honors went to:

2015-2016 Officers

Chair of NBC: Christina Froelich (Middletown South High School)
Moderator: Anekha Goyal (Biotechnology High School)
Chair of General Assembly: Sam Hubner (Middletown South High School)
Chair of G-20: Brian Gilbride (Marine Academy of Science & Technology)
Chair of Press Corps: Sara Heckman (Middletown South High School)

2016 Awards & Elections
Recipient of the Evan & Beth Baum Scholarship: Sam Hubner (Middletown South High School)
Premier Diplomat, Press: JP Fleming (Middletown South High School)
Premier Diplomat, International Criminal Court: Chris Lomonaco (Red Bank Catholic High School)
Premier Diplomat, Non-Governmental Forum: Jack Anderson (Red Bank Regional High School)
Premier First Year Delegate Award: Jonathan Marty (Holmdel High School)
Outstanding Paper: Caitlin Garrett (Middletown South High School)
Outstanding Youth Secretariat: Megan Froelich (Middletown South High School) and Jenny Chu (Holmdel High School)

Conference On National Affairs Invitees
JP Fleming (Middletown South High School)
Sam Hubner (Middletown South High School)
Jack Anderson (Red Bank Regional High School)

Conference On National Affairs Alternates
Sara Heckman (Middletown South High School)
Christina Froelich (Middletown South High School)

The middle school conference focuses on the General Assembly and International Criminal Court in a modified format that allows middle school students to sample these two separate committees. Through experiential learning, the students acquired new skills in diplomacy, public speaking, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Middle school students were honored at their conference with the following nominations and awards:

Envoy A, Outstanding 1st Year Diplomat: Ava Costa (Thompson)
Envoy B, Premier 1st Year Diplomat: Avery Seldin (Thompson)
Envoy C, Premier Diplomat: Josie Howard (Maple Place)
Envoy D, Premier Diplomat: Sophie Larish (Thompson)
Outstanding Envoy Country Research Questionnaires:
Alex Marino (Thompson)
Josie Howard(Maple Place)
Cameron D’Mello (Satz)

Outstanding Country:
Sophie Larish (Thompson)
Alex Marino (Thompson)

Normyle added that The YMCA is “looking forward to starting the 2016 Youth & Government Program, which will offer participants the opportunity to learn about the state legislative process and give them a chance to craft their own legislation to improve life in the state of New Jersey.”

Photo Caption: Sam Hubner, Chair of General Assembly, receives the Evan & Beth Baum Scholarship. The Middletown High School South student is also an invitee to the Conference On National Affairs.