The Community YMCA Achievers program serving Monmouth County, New Jersey is open to middle and high school students ages 12-17.  Groups meet locally at school and/or community centers.  The program provides students with mentoring, guidance on preparing for college and support for a successful school-to-work transition.

Students connect with peers and adults who care about their success, participate in skill-building workshops and seminars, experience College Days and visits to colleges for campus tours. The Y Achievers program also offers a paid internship program to those who qualify.

A One Circle Foundation Program

Girls Circle encourages the development of strength, courage, confidence, honesty and communication skills in girls, ages 12-18. The goal of the program is to enhance each girl’s ability so she is able to take full advantage of her talents, academic interests, career pursuits, and potential for healthy relationships.

A One Circle Foundation Program

This a strengths-based group approach to promote boys’ and young men’s safe and healthy passage through pre-teen and adolescent years.  In this structured environment, boys and young men gain the vital opportunity to address masculine definitions and behaviors and build their capacities to find their innate value and create good lives – individually and collectively!  Groups of six to ten boys of similar age and development meet weekly for eight to ten weeks or more, depending on the capacity of the setting.

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