After a big win last summer capturing first place overall at the 2018 YMCA Long Course National Championship, The Community YMCA’s Aquarockets swim team have done it again, competing nationally at the 2019 YMCA Long Course National Championship at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD July 30-Aug 3 and placing FIRST in all 3 titles: Combined, Women’s and Men’s. We are so very proud of the hard work of our swimmers, dedicated leadership of our coaches and support from our families and volunteers. Extra special congrats to Head Coach Jack Caucino, for being honored as 2019 Coach of the Meet!

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Event Wrap Up | Joan Truscio

The 2019 YMCA Long Course Swimming National Championships came to a close Saturday evening and Red Bank captured all three titles, winning the combined and both the men and women championships.  Earlier in the evening Red Bank’s Head Coach Jack Caucino was named Coach of the Meet and Megan Judge, Caroline McGann, Mary Mahoney and Natalie Heim swam to a national championship in the Women’s 400 Freestyle Relay.

Other highlights from the last day of competition include Maile Mora taking 18th place in the Women’s 200 meter butterfly.  Hunter Adams raced to a 5th place finish in the Men’s 200 meter butterfly.  In the Women’s 100 Freestyle Megan Judge placed 7th, Natalie Heim was 9th, Caroline McGann 14th and Mary Mahoney 24th.  In the Men’s 100 Freestyle Paul Retterer took 13th.  In the 200 Individual Medley Emily Zimmerman was 21st for the women while Richie Trentalange placed sixth, Johnny Nutt 19th and Kevin Truscio 21st in the Men’s 200 IM.  Grace Kayal was 18th in the Women’s 50 Backstroke, Arabella Lee 20th and Katie Wright 22nd.  Paul Retterer won the Men’s 50 Backstroke consolation final taking 9th overall.

The Women’s and Men’s 400 Freestyle relays were the last event of the week-long competition.  In an exciting race Red Bank women won the event giving Megan Judge, Caroline McGann, Mary Mahoney and Natalie Heim the national championship.  Sammy Rennard, Richie Trentalange, Ryan Foreback and Paul Retterer swam to a 5th place finish for the men.

Day 4 Results

Another exciting day at the Eppley Aquatic Center as Red Bank swimmers dominated finals Friday evening.  Red Bank is in first place overall as are the women, men currently sit in second place with one more day of competition left.

In the Women’s 400 Freestyle Katie Wright took 13th place.  In the Men’s event Sammy Rennard swam to a 6th place finish, Theo Rennard took 11th and Paul Retterer placed 16th. Jessica Zebrowski took 5th place and Megan Judge 6th in the Women’s 50 butterfly.  Next up Women’s and Men’s 100 breaststroke.  Emma Shaughnessy took 5th, Emily Zimmermann 7th, Victoria Ireland 12th, Quinn Rinkus 15th and Julia Nappi 18th.  It was Johnny Nutt racing to a 3rd place finish, Richie Trentalange 5th, Dylan Citta 6th and Ben Dupree 22nd.  Megan Judge swam to an 8th place finish and Kirsten Ardis took 20th in the Women’s 50 Freestyle. For the men Leo Carnevale

The last event of the evening was the Men’s and Women’s 800 Freestyle relays.  For the Women Mary Mahoney, Grace Kayal, Natalie Heim and Caroline McGann swam to a 5th place finish.  Sammy Rennard, Theo Rennard, Ryan Foreback and Paul Retterer captured 4th place for the Men. Leo Carnevale took 16th in the Men’s 50 free

Day 3 Results

After 3 days of competition at the 2019 YMCA Long Course Nationals at the University of Maryland Red Bank sits in first place for overall combined scores and first in both men’s and women’s.  Red Bank caps flooded the pool at Thursday night’s finals, and won another National Championship individual event, here’s a recap.

In the women’s 100 meter backstroke Grace Kayal placed fourth and Katie Wright 10th.  Next up Women’s and Men’s 50 meter breaststroke.  On the women’s side Emma Shaughnessey took 3rd, Emily Zimmermann placed 4th and Quinn Rinkus took 7th in the A Final.  Victoria Ireland swam to a 13th place finish and Julia Nappi took 19th.  It was a second National Championship for Richie Trentalange swimming to a first place finish in a time of 29.22.  Johnny Nutt took second, Dylan Citta placed 6th and Sean Cook 19th.  Maile Mora raced to an 18th place finish in the Women’s 400 Individual Medley and on the Men’s side Sammy Rennard took 3rd and Kevin Truscio 15th.  Caroline McGann swam to a 15th place finish in the Women’s 200 freestyle event and Paul Retterer took 10th for the Men.

The evening concluded with the 200 Medley Relay.  Grace Kayal, Emma Shaughnessy, Arabella Lee and Megan Judge raced to a 2nd place finish for the Women and Paul Retterer, Johnny Nutt, Richie Trentalange and Leo Carnevale finished 7th overall in the Men’s event.

Day 2 Results

After two days of competition at the 2019 YMCA Long Course Nationals at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland the Red Bank YMCA Swim Team is in first place overall, the men’s team is in 4th and the women are in 2nd.

On Tuesday evening, Theo Rennard took sixth place in the men’s 1500 meter freestyle with a time of 16:20.07.

Last evening Natalie Heim, Megan Judge, Jessica Zebrowski and Kirsten Ardis swam to a second place finish in the Women’s 200 Freestyle relay. On the men’s side Michael Schober, Sammy Rennard, Ryan Foreback and Leo Carnevale captured 8th place in the 200 Freestyle relay.

Grace Kayal took 4th and Katie Wright 10th in the Women’s 200 backstroke.  Paul Retterer was second in the Men’s 200 backstroke.  In the Women’s 100 Meter Butterfly, Arabella Lee finished 8th, Megan Judge took 12th and Jessica Zebrowski 15th.  Emily Zimmermann raced to a sixth place finish in the Women’s 200 Breaststroke and Julia Nappi won the consolation heat finishing 9th.  Dylan Citta was 4th overall and Richie Trentalange was 7th in the Men’s 200 Breaststroke with Johnny Nutt placing 10th and Kevin Truscio took 24th.

The evening concluded with the Women’s and Men’s 400 Medley Relays.  Grace Kayal, Victoria Ireland, Arabella Lee and Megan Judge swam to 4th place finish and Paul Retterer, Dylan Citta, Richie Trentalange and Ryan Foreback came in 8th.

Way to Go Aquarockets!