Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update:

In crisis, the Y is here. During this unprecedented public health emergency, the need for mental, behavioral and substance abuse counseling is even more urgent. While most YMCA of Greater Monmouth County locations have closed as a result of the #coronavirus pandemic, our Y’s Counseling and Social Services outreach and outpatient offices remain open and active, and Bayshore Family Success Center is operating remotely.

The clients we serve were vulnerable before this outbreak. We know from research, the addition of social isolation and limited resources increases risk for child abuse, mental health crisis and suicide. Learn about the ways our Y has shifted to critical telehealth counseling for the community in a safe, confidential remote environment, and ways individuals can get help.

  • Telehealth counseling is now available for mental health and substance abuse counseling to the community. CSS office locations remain open Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. to host appointments and answer calls. Contact us at 732-290-9040. 24/7 answering service is available after hours.
  • Bayshore Family Success Center in Leonardo continues to operate remotely to provide struggling families with concrete resources for affordable housing, employment, baby pantry supplies and other needs.

If you’re in crisis and not already a client, the Y can help. Please contact us at 732-290-9040. 24/7 answering service is available after hours. If you’re having an emergency please call 911.

The Y’s Counseling & Social Services group has been strengthening children, teens and adults living with depression, substance abuse and many other difficult situations since 1974.

We offer a variety of programs designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the community and provide safe, confidential services that strengthen family life and individual growth.

Our team of caring and certified Y professionals are licensed to serve as counselors to youth, families and schools, specializing in social work, clinical counseling, and alcohol and drug counseling.


Dr. Barbara Stroud has provided this informational video for parents in order to support caregivers in managing the emotional responses and developmental needs of their children during this crisis. Dr. Stroud provides parents with information and skills to support their children’s emotional health, mental well being, and build necessary skills of resilience.



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