Take the time to honor and remember those who have passed who were dear to you.  Recognize and honor someone for their accomplishments, service or a milestone—community leadership, a special counselor, or a proud parent of a high school graduate. There have been many individuals whose contributions of their time and talent have made The Community YMCA and our community stronger and a better place for kids and families.  Make a gift to the Y in their honor and make a positive impact at the same time.

Contributions to the Honor and Remember Fund will be acknowledged, the individual will be recognized and/or their family will be notified of your gift.

In the past year, we have received gifts honoring or remembering the following individuals:

Glenna Brodeth

Christian Cofone

Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Davidson

Patsy Jones

Joanne Finegan

Bernard Hershenov

Richard Hubert

Patsy Jones

Joseph Anthony Marino, Jr. *

Don McNamara

Hilary Rediker’s Wedding

Barbara Sandoli

Wilbur VanLenten


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