As owner and operator of several YMCA facilities across Monmouth County, the Y has many capital giving needs and offers an array of naming opportunities in recognition of capital gifts.  If you are interested in supporting capital improvements or the purchase of equipment please contact the Financial Development office at 732.671.5505, ext. 119 or via e-mail at giving@cymca.org.


If you are interested in making a gift to endowment please contact the Financial Development office at 732.671.5505, ext. 119 or via e-mail at giving@cymca.org.

The Community YMCA endowment is a deep well of carefully managed assets that will generate sustaining support for the organization far into the future.  Responsibility for management of the endowment rests in the hands of The Community YMCA Foundation Board of Trustees.  Currently the endowment holds approximately $5.3 million in assets.  The principal investment of the endowment is held in perpetuity.  Revenue generated by the investment of the assets is granted directly to The Community YMCA on an annual bases to support operation, programming and capital improvements.

Why invest in The Community YMCA Endowment

As The Community YMCA moves confidently forward, it is imperative that we grow the endowment to produce permanent, flexible funding for innovative programs, scholarships for program participants, competitive salaries for our staff, and essential upgrades to our facilities, technology and equipment.

Unlike other types of gifts, an endowment gift will continue to generate income for the Y in perpetuity.  The principal provided through a gift to endowment is never spent.  Instead, the endowed fund is invested and professionally managed to produce additional income to benefit the Y. As the principal grows, so does the income available to support the operation of The Community YMCA.

The current value of The Community YMCA Endowment is approximately $5.3 million.  In the 2015 fiscal year, the endowment generated approximately $181,000 in revenue that was distributed to the Y to support programs and operations, It is the goal of The Community YMCA to grow our endowment over the next seven years to $10 million in principal assets providing the potential to generate $500,000 in revenue each year.