Shrewsbury, NJ (March 25, 2018) – The Community YMCA’s Aquarockets swim team captured 2nd place at the New Jersey YMCA State Championship meet March 8-11 at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, marking the second time in three years the team has earned this distinction.

The boys team took home the state champion title, while the girls team earned second place. Additionally, girls in the 15-18 division swam to a first-place finish and the combined 15-18 boys and girls achieved a state championship title as well.

At the state championship meet for 12 and under swimmers, Feb. 23-25, at the Ocean County YMCA, Toms River, the 12 and under boys team earned a first-place finish and the girls team came in third place. Six team records were broken at the Ocean County Y and Hunter Kuenzel, 12, of Holmdel, had a remarkable showing taking first place in each of the nine events he swam – seven individual and two relays.

The team’s combined performance at the two, short course meets resulted in the overall second-place state finish, said Head Coach Jack Caucino. “Our young people achieved remarkable results,” he said. “They earned this with hard work and dedication to the sport.”

President and CEO of The Community YMCA Laurie Gogazner said the Aquarockets swim team is highly regarded in the YMCA national swimming community for their many state and national accomplishments, including a second-place finish at the YMCA national long course meet this past summer in Greensboro, NC.

“We are beyond proud of our swimmers and our incredible coaching staff,” Goganzer said. “What’s amazing about this team is the support the swimmers and their families give to one another. Together they prove that hard work, discipline, determination and teamwork are what it takes to be champions in and out of the water.”

A program of The Community YMCA’s Family Health & Wellness Center in Red Bank, the team consists of about 300 swimmers from across Monmouth County ranging in age from 6 to 18. The team practices in Red Bank and at YMCA Camp Zehnder in Wall. It is led by full-time and part-time professional coaches, who are supported by the Red Bank Swim Team Parent Board.

The Community YMCA members and swim community are cheering the team on to the national YMCA short course swim meet, which will take place April 3-7 in Greensboro, Goganzer said.

Following are top team relay and individual results:

Relays 15-18 Age Group
1st Place, 400 Free Relay – Marie Schobel, Megan Judge, Grace Kayal, Ginger Hansen
2nd Place, 400 Free Relay –  Matt Chang, Sammy Rennard, Mitchell Malakhov, Max Walther
3rd Place, 400 Medley Relay – Connor Wright, Richie Trentalange, Max Walther, Matt Chang

Relays 13-14 Age Group
2nd Place, 200 Yard Freestyle Relay- Leah Policari, Haley Stamberger, Emma Shaughnessy, Jessica Zebrowski
3rd Place, 200 Yard Medley Relay – Arabella Lee, Julia Nappi, Jessica Zebrowski, Emma Shaughnessy
5th Place, 200 Yard Medley Relay – Ethan Wan, Kevin Truscio, Hunter Adams, Theo Rennard
7th Place, 200 Yard Freestyle Relay- Matt D’Elia, Hunter Adams, Andrew Heyt, Theo Rennard

Relays 11-12 Age Group
1st place, 200 Medley Relay in 1:51.08, a new Aquarockets record – Aydin Gurudutt, Gregory Lin, Hunter Kuenzel, Dmitry Halaburda
1st place, 200 Freestyle Relay in 1:39.11, a new Aquarockets record – Hunter Kuenzel, Aydin Gurudutt, Jack Mills, Dmitry Halaburda
2nd place, 200 Medley Relay – Sydney Weidner, Vienna Eckerstrom, Charlotte Trentalange, Amelia Obszarny
2nd place, 200 Freestyle Relay – Sydney Weidner, Amelia Obszarny, Charlotte Trentalange, Vienna Eckerstrom

Relays 9-10 Age Group
6th place, 200 Yard Medley Relay – Ellie Barrows, Laela Johnson, Madeline Ireland, Ivy Slavinski
6th place, 200 Yard Freestyle Relay – Ellie Barrows, Sarah Hines, Madeline Ireland, Ivy Slavinski
9th place, 200 Yard Freestyle Relay – Patrick Dean, Declan Doogan, Debdeep Mazumder, Brody Fahys
12th place, 200 Yard Medley Relay – Brody Fahys, Ethan Tai, Declan Doogan, Patrick Dean

Girls 15-18 Individual Events
Nicole Dado – 15th in 100 Fly, 14th in 200 Breaststroke
Morgan Fuerbacher – 6th in 100 Breaststroke & 7th in 200 Breaststroke
Ginger Hansen – 3rd in 100 & 200 Freestyle, 4th in 50 Freestyle, 5th in 100 Butterfly & 100 Backstroke, 14th in 200 Backstroke
Natalie Heim – 7th in 50 Freestyle, 9th in 100 Freestyle
Victoria Ireland – 2nd in 100 Breaststroke, 8th in 200 Butterfly & Breaststoke, 16th in 100 Butterfly
Megan Judge – 4th in 100 Freestyle, 6th in 50 Freestyle, 12th in 200 & 500 Freestyle
Grace Kayal – 1st in 200 Freestyle & 200 Backstroke, 2nd in 500 & 1000 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke & 1650 Freestyle, 6th in 100 Freestyle
Mary Mahoney – 11th in 50 Freestyle
Taylor Marjamaa – 4th in 1650 Freestyle, 7th in 1000 Freestyle, 11th in 500 Freestyle
Caroline McGann – 3rd in 500 Freestyle, 6th in 200 Freestyle, 8th in 1000 & 1650 Freestyle, 10th in 100 Freestyle
Caroline Monaghan -11th in 200 Breaststroke
Maile Mora – 6th in 400 Individual Medley, 11th in 100 Butterfly
Skylar Shafritz – 15th in 200 Breaststroke
Megan Schienvar – 15th in 200 Freestyle
Marie Schobel – 1st in 100 Backstroke, 2nd in 200 Backstroke, 5th in 200 Individual Medley & 50 Freestyle, 7th in 100 Freestyle, 8th in 400 Individual Medley
Abby Shaw – 10th in 50 Freestyle
Katie Wright – 4th in 1000 Freestyle, 6th in 200 Backstroke, 7th in 500 Freestyle, 8th in 200 Freestyle, 13th in 200 Individual Medley

Boys 15-18 Individual Events
Matt Chang -7th in 100 Freestyle, 9th in 50 Freestyle, 13th in 200 Butterfly, 16th in 100 Butterfly
Ben Dupree – 9th in 200 Breaststroke
Ryan Foreback – 11th in 500 Freestyle, 13th in 1000 Freestyle, 14th in 1650 Freestyle
Dimitri Maldonado – 6th in 100 Butterfly
Sammy Rennard – 2nd in 500 Freestyle, 4th in 1000 Free, 5th in 400 Individual Medley & 5th in 1650 Freestyle, 13th in 200 Freestyle
Paul Retterer – 7th in 200 Backstroke, 500 Freestyle & 200 Freestyle, 8th in 1000 Freestyle, 8th in 1650 Freestyle, 16th in 100 Backstroke
Richie Trentalange – 4th in 200 Individual Medley, 7th in 200 Breaststroke, 10th in 100 Breaststroke, 13th in 400 Individual Medley, 11th in 100 Butterfly
Max Walther – 1st in 50 & 100 Freestyle, 3rd in 200 Individual Medley, 4th in 200 Freestyle, 5th in 200 Butterfly, 8th in 100 Butterfly
Connor Wright – 8th in 200 Backstroke, 14th in 200 Freestyle, 15th in 100 Backstroke

Girls 13-14 Individual Events
Kayla Deet – 12th in 1650 Freestyle, 14th in 1000 Freestyle, 16th in 500 Freestyle
Shannon Judge – 9th in 200 Backstroke,16th in 100 Backstroke
Arabella Lee – 2nd in 200 Backstroke, 2nd in 100 Backstroke, 2nd in 100 Butterfly, 11th in 400 Individual Medley, 14th in 200 Butterfly
Sky Marjamaa – 13th in 1650 Freestyle
Barbara Mora – 11th in 1650 Freestyle
Julia Nappi – 1st in 200 Breaststroke, 2nd in 100 Breaststroke, 3rd in 200 Individual Medley, 4th in 400 Individual Medley, 5th in 1000 Freestyle, 8th in 500 Freestyle
Grace Neno – 12th in 1000 Freestyle, 12th in 500 Freestyle
Leah Policari – 7th in 50 Freestyle, 8th in 200 Backstroke, 9th in 100 Backstroke, 13th in 100 Freestyle, 11th in 200 Freestyle, 16th in 200 Individual Medley
Quinn Rinkus – 13th in 200 Freestyle, 15th in 100 Freestyle
Emma Shaughnessy – 1st in 100 Breaststroke, 2nd in 200 Breaststroke, 6th in 200 Individual Medley
Haley Stamberger – 8th in 50 Freestyle, 15th in 200 Freestyle
Jessica Zebrowski – 1st in 200 Butterfly, 3rd in 100 Butterfly, 4th in 1000 & 100 Freestyle, 6th in 500 Freestyle, 9th in 200 Freestyle, 10th in 50 Freestyle
Emily Zimmerman – 3rd in 100 Breaststroke, 3rd in 200 Breaststroke, 8th in 200 Individual Medley

Boys 13-14 Individual Events
Hunter Adams – 4th in 100 Butterfly, 6th in 200 Butterfly, 16th in 1000 Freestyle
Matt D’Elia – 3rd in 100 Butterfly, 8th in 200 Butterfly, 14th in 1000 Freestyle, 15th in 500 Freestyle
Jimmy Kundrats – 9th in 200 Breaststroke, 10th in 100 Breaststroke
Theo Rennard – 2nd in 1000 Freestyle, 2nd in 1650 Freestyle, 2nd in 500 Freestyle, 4th in 200 Freestyle, 9th in 400 Individual Medley, 12th in 200 Butterfly
Kevin Truscio – 4th in 400 Individual Medley, 4th in 200 Butterfly, 7th in 1000 Freestyle, 7th in 1650 Freestyle, 8th in 200 Breaststroke, 8th in 200 Individual Medley, 9th in 100 Breaststroke
Ethan Wan – 12th in 200 Backstroke, 12th in 100 Backstroke

Girls 11-12 Individual Events
Vienna Eckerstrom – 1st in 200 Freestyle, 1st in 100 Freestyle, 1st in 50 Freestyle, 2nd in 50 Breaststroke, 2nd in 200 Breaststroke, 3rd in 100 Breaststroke, 5th in 200 Individual Medley
Carina Muller – 7th in 50 Butterfly, 10th in 50 Backstroke, 11th in 100 Butterfly, 11th in 100 Backstrok
Natalie Neno – 5th in 200 Breaststroke, 6th in 50 Breaststroke, 6th in 100 Breaststroke
Amelia Obszarny – 5th in 100 Freestyle, 9th in 50 Freestyle, 14th in 200 Freestyle,16th in 500 Freestyle
Charlotte Trentalange- 2nd in 500 Freestyle, 4th in 200 Freestyle, 4th in 200 Butterfly, 6th in 200 Individual Medley, 7th in 100 Butterfly, 9th in 200 Backstroke, 10th in 100 Individual Medley
Sydney Weidner – 1st in 100 Breaststroke, 2nd in 100 Backstroke, 3rd in 100 Individual Medley, 3rd in 50 Backstroke, 3rd in 50 Freestyle, 5th in 200 Backstroke, 7th in 200 Individual Medley
Lauren Zeni – 10th in 200 Breaststroke, 15th in 50 Breaststroke, 15th in 100 Breaststroke

Boys 11-12 Individual Events
Joe Busic – 6th in 100 Butterfly, 7th in 100 Individual Medley, 7th in 200 Butterfly, 8th in 200 Individual Medley, 12th in 50 Fly, 16th in 200 Freestyle
Brandon Cheng – 11th in 50 Freestyle,13th in 100 Individual Medley, 15th in 50 Butterfly
Gunnar Eckerstrom – 6th in 50 Backstroke, 7th in 100 Freestyle, 9th in 200 Freestyle, 10th in 50 Freestyle, 15th in 500 Freestyle
Hunter Kuenzel – 1st in 200 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke, 200 Individual Medley, 100 Individual Medley, 100 Freestyle, 200 Backstroke, 500 Freestyle
Aydin Gurudutt – 1st in 50 Freestyle, 1st in 50 Backstroke, 2nd in 100 Backstroke, 3rd in 100 Freestyle, 7th in 100 Breaststroke, 9th in 200 Backstroke, 16th in 200 Individual Medley
Dmitry Halaburda – 2nd in 50 Backstroke, 2nd in 50 Freestyle, 2nd in 200 Backstroke, 3rd in 100 Backstroke, 4th in100 Freestyle, 7th in 200 Freestyle, 14th in 500 Freestyle
Jonathan Lalli – 8th in 50 Backstroke
Gregory Lin – 4th in 100 Butterfly, 3rd in 200 Breaststroke, 4th in 200 Individual Medley, 4th in 100 Individual Medley, 4th in 100 Breaststroke, 6th in 50 Breaststroke, 9th in 500 Freestyle
Jack Mills – 3rd in 200 Freestyle, 5th in 100 Freestyle, 6th in 200 Fly, 6th in 50 Freestyle, 6th in 500 Freestyle, 8th in 100 Butterfly, 10th in 50 Butterfly
Devin Parry – 7th in 50 Butterfly
Charlie Rennard – 5th in 50 Butterfly, 8th in 200 Butterfly, 10th in 100 Butterfly, 15th in 100 Individual Medley

Girls 9-10 Individual Events
Ellie Barrows – 6th in 100 Butterfly, 6th in 100 Backstroke, 7th in 50 Backstroke, 13th in 50 Butterfly, 15th in 100 Individual Medley, 16th in 200 Freestyle
Madeline Ireland – 12th 50 Backstroke
Arianna Lalli – 15th in 50 Butterfly
Ivy Slavinski – 13th in 200 Individual Medley, 15th in 50 Freestyle, 15th in 200 Freestyle, 16th in 100 Freestyle

The Aquarockets 13 & older team (top) and 12 & under team (above), celebrate their outstanding achievements at the YMCA New Jersey State Championship swim meets in Lancaster, PA and at the Ocean County YMCA in Toms River.



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